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This latest expansion of the game has added two new towers that really amp up the power on your side. The game starts with a certain amount of money that you use to build towers, and once the money is gone, you will need to generate more in order to build additional towers, or else the bloons will make it across the map and win the game. Different difficulty settings are available for you to choose from, so as your skill level grows you can adjust the settings for more of a challenge. When you are on the lookout for a fun and entertaining way to spend your time, many options will jump out at you. You could go for a swim at the local pool, go out shopping at the mall, go get a banana split at your favorite ice cream shop, or go to the park for some Frisbee golf. These are all good options when you want to have some fun, but what is there to do when your fresh out of cash and stuck at home? The answer is simple and easy, and probably something that you have thought about before. When you have to, or would like to, stay at home and have fun in a relaxing, mellow way, you can turn to free online games to get your fix of fun and excitement. There are hundreds of free flash games available on the internet, and they are all easy to get access to. Simply wait for it to load, and play away, late into the night. There is no need to download any harmful files to your computer. This protects you and your computer, and frees up time since downloads tend to take a big chunk of time. These games are available to anybody who has a good computer and high speed internet. The game is played right in your web browser window, it just couldn't be simpler. If you are looking for a great online flash game that will help you shave endless hours off your day, look no further than Balloon Tower Defense 5. This game further expands on its amazing predecessor, Balloon Tower Defense 4. If you are looking for a game that will really test your skills, than try out Balloon Tower Defense 5. This game will have you going madly for hours. As always, if you enjoyed this article, share and like it so others can see it too!

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Earn to Die

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Empire Island

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Flash Element TD

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