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Bloons Tower Defense 5 is a unique game of its kind brought to you by, Ninja Kiwi. Bloons TD5 is not your average tower defense game. You have every feature an awesome tower defense game should, plus some really great un-lockable features that give the game its uniqueness, and ultimately, what makes it the best tower defense game you can play online.

As the game loads you’ll have the option to log-in as a guest, or signup and sign-in. You’ll then be prompted to “Start a new game”. After this, you’ll have the option to choose from beginner courses or advanced courses. Once you’ve chosen your destination you must select the difficulty of game play. Either easy, medium, or hard. The more difficult, then the higher reward you will be able to earn. Also, the higher reward means you will be able to quickly unlock some of the games greater features, such as characters and more advanced levels (For those that really want to challenge themselves).


The balloons will proceed to come out at the starting point of the course and they slowly gravitate to the end. You must destroy the balloons before they reach the end. You have different attack options (such as darts) to destroy the balloons and remain alive in the game. If the balloons reach the end of the course you will lose that round. Eliminate as many balloons as possible to rack up the points, monkey money, and earn stars as a reward for doing so great!

You must use the mouse to navigate around the screen and left click to choose an available option. An option chosen (such as buying an attack) can be cancelled by pressing the Esc key.

Another great tip: Before you start a game you should buy the attacks of your choice so you’re better prepared during actual game play, that way you aren’t running around panicky because the balloons are reaching the end.

In order to purchase attacks and other special features you must earn “monkey money”. Monkey money is earned by completing a variety of in-game tasks that will also help you learn the game. Think of it as training. However, in order to earn monkey money you must be logged in to your account. Sign up today!

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